Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios provided additional details on the first DLC for Magicka. Magicka: Vietnam will be released through digital retailers on April 12th.

Magicka: Vietnam puts you in the role of a Wizard GI. You and up to three friends must liberate POWs from a camp deep within the Goblin-Cong jungle and kill any who oppose you. Also included is a new survival mode map, said to feature "increased difficulty in direct response to the request from the community."

This new content is accompanied by a slew of Vietnam-themed enemies and weapons. An M16 should prove an effective complement to your magic. You'll even get a spell that lets you call in napalm strikes. Vietnam will cost $4.99 to download. However, only the person hosting the game needs to have Vietnam installed; all three your friends can freeload off you.

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