Mario Golf: World Tour For 3DS Gets New Trailer

We’ve got a double dose of Nintendo news for you this morning, including a new trailer for Mario Golf: World Tour on the 3DS, as well as the announcement that Swords and Soldiers will be invading the Wii U sometime in April.

First up, let’s take a gander at that new Mario Golf: World Tour trailer we’ve got embedded for you at the top of this post. The new footage poses a very simple question, “having trouble making your shot?” It’s answer, which should surprise no fan of the Mario series, is to try using an item to patch things up.

Items include a fireball power-up that lets your ball travel straight through trees and bushes, a bouncy block that lets you avoid obstacles, an ice shot that lets you skip across water and a tornado that appears to send you directly to the green. I’m sure that’ll help mix things up nicely for arcade golf fans and delight children who decide to play the game but, let’s face it, this is some straight-up horse poo. Why adjust for wind when you can just turn your ball into a bullet and fly straight through it? Unable to not aim your ball directly into a bottomless void? No problem, just cheat and let the good times roll.

I am, of course, only kidding here. If my game has the word Mario in it, I’m not exactly looking for a simulation, and those items look like they could be used for some clever strategy rather than simply serve as a safety net. And if anyone out there is actually upset with the inclusion of shot-altering item upgrades, I’m sure there will be an option to turn them off for some more serious gameplay…Serious gameplay in a land of giant eggs, floating fairways and an entire race of people who look like mushrooms.

In other Nintendo news, it looks like Swords and Soldiers will finally be marching onto the Wii U in April, meaning you are a maximum of 30 days away from some good old-fashioned 2D tower defense action on Nintendo’s home console.

Some of you may remember Swords and Soldiers as being a WiiWare game from several years ago but, for newbies to the franchise, you can expect bright colors and tense gameplay wrapped in a deceptively cute bit of packaging. Being a Wii U port, you can also expect shinier graphics, as well as the ability to play directly on the Wii U GamePad.

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