May 30th is coming and it will be a glorious moment. The Wii U's official resurrection starts on that date, because it's the day and date that one of the biggest first-party titles for Nintendo's little-console that-could launches.

Recently, the new limited edition Mario Kart 8 bundle has been revealed. The good news is that it comes with a special trinket to increase the value of the new title, but the bad news is that it's only going to be available in Europe... for now.

Gamrreview caught wind of the new bundle which will be offered soon for pre-order in Europe. If you scour Game or GameStop, sadly you won't find the bundle available just yet, but I imagine it will be made available pretty soon.

The bundle comes with a blue turtle shell figure, as showcased in the main image above. Special retail bonuses will also be made available, including key-chains you'll be able to grab at participating outlets.

This comes hot and fast on the heels of Nintendo's official racing wheel, which is already available in a bundle pack at Game in the UK for only £40.00.

If you think this is just some fake hype, think again. The hype is real. Believe it.

Mario Kart 8 already sold out in pre-orders on Amazon, and the game managed to best the PS4 in Japan for a while on Amazon Japan. That's right, the sequel to the game that moved well over 30 million SKUs for the original Wii is a serious threat in the eighth gen console wars, and things are getting hot and heavy for the Big 'N' leading up to its spring release.

Even with Titanfall prepped to drop next week for the Xbox One and PC, I doubt it will be enough to get the Xbox One back up and in the fight to surpass the Wii U's mounting momentum. It's like that building pressure when a celeb like Alec Baldwin hits the boiling point and prepares to just explode – there's nothing in the world that's going to stop it and that's exactly what's about to happen to the Wii U's sales when Mario Kart 8 has a go at the competition.

The only thing standing in Nintendo's way to the crown is Sony. However, Sony doesn't have any big hitters outside of inFamous working for it, but it sure does have a heck of a lot of hype. Can Nintendo surmount the hype with Mario Kart 8? We shall see.

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