Mario Kart 8 Wii U Pre-Orders Are Sold Out On Amazon

Nintendo is back in the game, baby. They're in it to win it, folks. The Big 'N' didn't have to make any big announcements for us to realize that May 30th will be the turning point in the eighth gen console war and Sony will no longer be boxing with ghosts and specters, but a real-life opponent who can shift enough SKUs to make GameStop managers across the nation weak at the knees and wet in the Jimmies once the profit margins start shifting upward like the lower extremities of prison inmates finding out they might be sharing a cell with Justin Bieber.

According to Player Essence, they noticed that the upcoming Mario Kart 8 has been hit with the “sold out” stamp on Amazon. Don't take my word for it (and fanboys never do), just Mosey on over to Amazon's page (opens in new tab) to get a whiff of that Ninty success percolating throughout the page. It's like a moist and succulent aroma from a prime rib floating off a dinner table, culling in the masses to see but not touch. You know you want, Nintendo knows you want it, but you can't have it right now.

What Nintendo needs to start doing is bundling this bad boy into a box with the Wii U. These things will fly off the digital e-tailer shelves like those inFamous: Second Son condoms. Sonysexuals love to get it on... all night and all day. We might be able to say the same for Xbox fanboys, but it's hard to get into the mood when the NSA and GCHQ are sitting behind their monitors, fapping away while watching you through Kinect.

Anyway, Nintendo is making good on the positive momentum for Mario Kart 8 heading into its May 30th release, by teaming up with Penzoil to roll out a custom race track at SXSW, as reported by Nintendo Enthusiast. It's neat little event to surely help broadcast some positive word of mouth for the Big 'N' and the Wii U, because we all know they could use.

In fact, the Nintendoom wheel of negativity came face-to-face with a less than thrilled developer. More matter-to-fact, it was the Platinum Games' creative producer, J.P. Kellams who rage-tweeted at Polygon over a misrepresentative headline, as covered by DSO Gaming.

That hot tamale bit of news might make your stomach churn, so be sure you've taken some Pepto Bismo before clicking through to get the details.

One thing is for sure, $750,000 worth of Doritos and Mountain Dew doesn't always appeal to everyone.

Anyway, Mario Kart 8 was already outselling the PS4 for a short spell when it appeared on Amazon Japan's listing, and I wouldn't doubt that it could help put the Wii U back on top after Sony recently usurped the crown with the PS4.

Exciting times, these are... exciting times.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.