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Gazillion Entertainment has been promoting Marvel Heroes as the true successor to Diablo II. In multiple interviews and promo pieces they have lapped up the community disdain for Blizzard's rendition of Diablo III by saying that their upcoming MMO ARPG will satiate the true loot-and-grind thirst that Diablo fans have been craving since Diablo II. Today, the company has made it known that CBT sign-ups have opened for the game's upcoming testing session on October 1st.

According to Stick Twiddlers, following up on the revelation that there are now new playable characters joining the roster of the game, such as Daredevil, Spider-Man and Frank Castle, The Punisher, Gazillion is opening up the sign-up doors for the first CBT session.

The game has gone into full marketing mode following the rude comments from Diablo III's Jay Wilson, who said to “f**k that loser” when talking about David Brevik, the guy who made Diablo a household name in computer gaming and help shape the popularity of the ARPG genre. Gazillion used the opportunity to capitalize on Wilson's arrogant comments by appeasing to the angry Diablo fans who feel that Diablo III is more like Real-Money Auction House: The Game than a true successor to Diablo II.

Since the vitriolic fallout of Wilson's comments, Marvel Heroes has been pegged as the “true successor to Diablo II” and that's basically been its moniker ever since. If you want to test the game out and see if it really is the spiritual successor to Diablo II then feel free to sign-up for the CBT over at the Official Website.

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