Now here's some interesting news: Konami and Hideo Kojima's latest Metal Gear game, Ground Zeroes, is being advertised for pre-order availability for PC. What's crazy is that there have been no platform confirmations for the game, so it seems odd that a retailer would advertise the pre-order of a game on a platform that hasn't been confirmed by the publisher.

The news comes courtesy of Game Podunk, who spotted the listing on Euro retailer site, where it's clear as day a listing for £34.95, which translates into the standard-fare $59.95 for us Americans. Pricing wise that makes sense, but again, all we know about the game is that it's running on the newest Fox Engine from Hideo Kojima and crew and features some of the latest in high-definition visuals and stealth-espionage gameplay with real-time day and night cycles, base management and weapon building. Platforms are still a bit of a mystery.

You can check out an image of Zavvi's listing just in case the site decides to pull it.

The skeptical, pessimistic side of me assumes this was a publicity stunt to get websites like this one and Game Podunk to report on the pre-order and after the news spreads enough to get a bunch of people placing pre-orders the company will issue an apology to consumers stating that it was a listing mistake and that they're offering refunds or a possible pre-order exchange for another upcoming game.

The excited, optimistic side of me leans on the side of the site prematurely listing the game for PC and that eventually Konami will announce a PC rendition of the game along with the rest of the console platforms. But unfortunately, this scenario is unlikely.

The 10 minute gameplay video hinted at a possible Xbox 360 and PS3 release, but again Konami has yet to confirm it. Hideo Kojima did admit that the game's demo was running on PC hardware similar to the PS3, so maybe Zavvi's listing isn't too far off? We'll find out soon enough when Konami formally announces the availability of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

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