Monster Hunter Online First Set Of Beta Keys Being Sent Out

As promised, Tencent has begun the process of sending out beta activation keys to select players. However, the process of getting into the beta is no easy task and what's more, the beta is limited to its launch region for now, which is China. Tough bones.

Over on the official Monster Hunter Online website, it's detailed how the company is selecting members to participate in the first phase of beta testing and there's a bit of a process you have to go through in order to get a key and potentially get into the beta.

So first of all, only a thousand people will be selected as part of the first wave of beta participants. Yeah, only a thousand. While that sounds like a lot that's not really a lot at all.

Those who are selected to participate in the beta will receive a code in the e-mail if they answer the test questions correctly, as outlined on the game's official forum board.

The process of getting a key and getting in the beta is as follows...

Now, the system has an activation code sent by mail to the recipient's e-mail you an activation code, be sure to note that check! The following is a note:1: The system sends players to qualify for the mailbox, the effective time of only 48 hours, please be sure to complete activation within the validity period!Activation Address: Activation is only This e-mail address to send an email address, please be careful to distinguish the majority of players!3: The activation code and the corresponding binding QQ number, QQ number can not be used in other, make sure to pay attention to the players!

So yeah, Tencent really doesn't want just anyone playing up in their MMO. Real strict people.

The flipside to this news is that if the game does well and garners enough attention, we could see it launch internationally shortly after the launch in China. Whether or not that international release includes America – and it isn't just a port to South Korea like a lot of Chinese MMOs – still remains to be seen. But if “international” includes NA, then it's all good.

For now Tencent seems to be keeping with the schedule they rolled out in our earlier reports that indicated that a June beta test was in the works, and lo and behold the June beta test is in the works.

We'll keep you posted on additional info and when the game's international details go public.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.