Moonlight Online Beta Key Giveaway

IGG has finally brought Moonlight Online from out of the dark ages of the media circles and has decided to start promoting the game once more in the limelight. And what better way to get people talking and interested in the game than to get them in early on the closed beta test with beta keys? That's right, we're handing out free beta keys to Moonlight Online with $30 worth of cash shop items to boot.

Moonlight Online may sound like some sort of Twilight-style game but it's far from it. IGG has taken a darker and more serious approach to their MMO design philosophy and have mirrored their upcoming MMO on the classic open-world PvP game, DarkEden.

Players will create their character for one of three factions: The Lycans, the Vampires or the Slayers. Each faction has their own skillset, weapons, armor and abilities. Much like DarkEden, a prime focus of the gameplay is on the PvP mechanics.

However, it's not just about the three-way battle between these classic foes, the game also sports parkour abilities throughout the dark Gothic settings. Players will be able to scale walls and buildings and use the verticality of the game to get the drop on opponents or setup assassinations on other players.

If the game sounds pretty rad (and a couple of years ago when it was first announced, it really did sound rad) and I'm hoping IGG has taken the past three years to iron out all the kinks, solidify some smooth gameplay mechanics and ultimately give the game the polish it deserves.

If the game sounds remotely interesting you can give it a shot by signing up for the beta. You can grab a beta key from below. We're handing out the first 10 keys right here and the rest will be given away on our Facebook page. Need more information on the game? Feel free to visit the Official Website.











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