What’s a No More Heroes game without gratuitous content that forces the ESRB to have a long list of reasons why anyone under 18 shouldn’t play the game? It’s not a No More Heroes game if it doesn’t meet the former criteria. With that said, the new debut trailer for the latest game in the series contains just about everything that would guarantee a 'Mature' rating is guaranteed for the game and then some.

Designed exclusively for the PS3 and the PlayStation Move, No More Heroes: Red Zone is a ridiculous romp that sees Travis Touchdown facing off against equally ridiculous heroes(?). New features have been implemented this time around and not just the use of the PS Move; players can now dismember opponents to gain an advantage during combat and a slew of new mini-games have been tossed in to keep the fun factors intact. Oh yeah, and apparently there are a lot of naked chicks in the game this time around.

You can check out the not-suitable-for-anyone-under-18 trailer for No More Heroes: Red Zone below. You can learn more about the game by visiting the Official Marvelous Entertainment Website.

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