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Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Trailer Highlights Kitana, Kung Lao

NetherRealm Studios released a brand new trailer for the upcoming mature fighting game due out this spring for home consoles and PC. The new trailer highlights the abilities, combos, maneuvers and fatalities of both Kitana and Kung Lao. Check it out below.

Unlike the other trailers that NetherRealm released for characters like Kano, Raiden and Quan Chi, we don't get to see the three styles of Kitana or Kung Lao in action. Instead, as showcased in the near 2-minute trailer, we only see snippets and clips from both characters.

Kitana seems to have undergone a major wardrobe change from her previous incarnations, especially the scantily clad attire she donned in Mortal Kombat 9. Here she has on something that looks slightly more appropriate for an Outworld fighter. Enough is exposed in some of the right places to tantalize and titillate, while other parts are covered enough to keep the more sexually sensitive folk at bay. I imagine she might have alternate costumes to satisfy both camps to one degree or another.

Kung Lao seems to look a lot more tame, but his actions, moves and combos are anything but. One of his moves that we see being pulled off is an Ip Man-style beatdown where he pummels his opponents chest until they nearly bend over backwards, and then he finishes off the move with a jumping elbow crush to what looks like their sternum. Devastating stuff right there.

Sadly, Kitana and Kung Lao have to share a lot of the trailer with other pugilists on the roster, including a pretty a cool shot of Raiden electrocuting someone in mid air, and Casey Cage letting loose with some aerial kicks. It's nice that we get to see the other fights roll out their moves and specials, but I was definitely hoping to see more of Kitana and Kung Lao. I'm certainly interested in seeing Kung's combos and Kitana's fan attacks. I do wonder how much her bladed fans play a role in her fighting styles and how well they'll fit into her melee attacks? It's tough to gauge exactly how much of a role her fans play in combat based on the short clips in the Mortal Kombat X trailer above.

One thing we do get to see is Kitana's finisher. She slices off the arms of Kano and then proceeds to penetrate through his skull with the blades. It's gruesome stuff. We don't properly get to see all of Kung Lao's finisher, but if it's the saw blade that's featured in the main image of this story (you can check it out on our Facebook page) then that's one super badass finisher. The torturous intensity of Kung Lao slowly pushing his opponent to the ground toward the spinning hat is just insane. The animation reaction and brief sound clip of Quan Chi desperately trying to get out of harm's way just adds to the moment.

You can look for Mortal Kombat X to drop on April 14th, later this year for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4, along with a PC rendition. Need more info? Hit up the official website

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