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Performance Designed Products (PDP) revealed this fall that they're manufacturing a custom fight pad for Mortal Kombat X. Today the first formal preview of that controller was released.

Brian Tong of CNET was the first journalist to go hands-on with the fight pad. He posted a few pictures of it on Twitter:
"The D-Pad side is longer than the button side and it's designed to allow you to either hit the buttons with your thumb, or tap them out like an arcade stick," he notes in a video recording of his demo.

The face buttons are microswitches so all you need to do is lightly tap them. The L1 and R1 buttons are lined up next to the four standard face buttons for easy access. The triggers and menu buttons are seated along the narrow upper ridge of the controller.

Since the controller's first reveal this fall, PDP added a switch to the bottom-center. This allows players to easily switch the fight pad between Xbox One and Xbox 360 mode. Presumably the PS4 version, not shown in today's preview, can likewise morph into a PS3 controller. This feature is great news for gamers who still have to upgrade to a new console. They'll be able to keep using their fight pad so long as they stay within the same console "family."

PDP's only other change from the earlier design is new artwork. The picture of Scorpion looming over the D-Pad has been removed along with the grey Mortal Kombat logo. In their place is a large, metallic logo. That should be a welcome change for those of you who are Team Sub-Zero.

The price and release date for the Mortal Kombat X fight pad haven't been announced yet. However, I'd expect the controller to debut on or near the April launch date of MKX.

Mortal Kombat X picks up where the 2011 reboot left off. Its cast is a mixture of old and new characters. The most recent confirmed character was Kung Lao. Every fighter has three variations, each with its own set of distinct moves.

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