Muramasa Rebirth is set to launch on the PlayStation Vita next month, meaning it's high time that Aksys Games start promoting the hell out of this eye-bleedingly beautiful side-scrolling action game. Speaking of which, how's about a new trailer?

The latest iteration of Muramasa is set to hit Sony's portable console on June 25, meaning there's only just over a month before we can all dive into some good old fashioned slicey-slicey stabby-stabby. Originally released for the Nintendo Wii as Muramasa: The Demon Blade, this artistic action romp appears to look even better on that slick Vita screen.

Players will take on the roles of Momohime and Kisuke, guiding the possessed princess Momohime west in search of a powerful blade and the disgraced ninja Kisuke east in order to avoid capture for a crime he doesn't remember committing.

“Both Momohime and Kisuke's search for the 108 Demon Blades will take them on a perilous journey filled with all kinds of ravenous monsters and deadly enemies,” said Director of Production Frank DeWindt in a recent PlayStation Blog post. “Each Demon Blade is equipped with a secret art that turns Momohime and Kisuke, already deadly with a sword, into unmatched masters of the blade.”

In this latest trailer, that prowess with cutlery is a big part of the focus. DeWindt goes on to promise upcoming information about the four-scenario DLC that's currently in the works, which will offer four new characters and new stages to explore. For the game proper, though, you only have to wait until June 25 to finally wield Muramasa on the PlayStation Vita.

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