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If the Western gaming market is buried under a flood of casual or browser-based MMOs, it won't be NCsoft's fault. NCSoft's European managing director Veronique Lallier says they're focused on delivering "big" MMOs.

"Our focus is really triple-A MMO games – big games like Aion, Lineage II, Guild Wars and so on," Lallier told "That’s the key focus for NCsoft West – we had been looking at other kinds of more casual games, that were free-to-play or browser- or small client-based, but back in 2009 we decided to completely refocus our efforts on what we’re good at."

Added Lallier: "If you look at the market today that’s changed to really focus on the very big titles – fewer games but with higher quality – and that’s the strategy we’re really going for, targeting those MMO games that we know will be successful."

NCSoft has at least two new MMO's in development for Western release. Fantasy martial arts game Blade & Soul might be out this year while Guild Wars 2's release has yet to be determined.

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