Today EA formally announced NHL 14, the latest edition in their long-running hockey game series. The first trailer splices together live-action NHL footage with footage from the game itself.

They're presumably mixing in-game and real-world footage to show how realistic the game looks. The features list suggests that realism is a big priority of EA Sports this time around. NHL 14 utilizes the Player Impact Engine seen in the FIFA series to make hits more explosive but also life-like. The True Performance Skating system from NHL 13, which added over 1,000 new skating animations, has been improved with more moves.

Players who like to pick fights will be pleased to hear about the new Enforcer Engine. NHL 14 will differentiate between the size and strength of different players in brawls. The game is said to use technology from Fight Night, EA's boxing series.

EA also revealed the release dates for NHL 14 today. The game will debut in North America on September 10th. The European release will follow on the 13th. Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are planned.

The end of the trailer shows blank cover art for the game. EA hasn't chosen the athlete to grace the cover yet. Instead, for the second year in a row, they're leaving the matter open to fan voting. Starting on April 22nd, hockey fans will be able to vote on their player of choice at

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