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Electronic Arts has recently announced the first bit of details for the upcoming Need for Speed: No Limits. Even though the company had made it known earlier in the year that there wouldn't be a new Need for Speed title due out this fall, they were certainly already looking toward 2015 to drop a new game for the long running series.

Eurogamer spotted the news over on EA's official blog where they rolled out the first bits of details about the game. The most obvious thing that fans of the series should know is that Need for Speed: No Limits is a mobile racing game.

That's right, this is a mobile racing game. You can get a brief glimpse of the action in the debut trailer for the title below.

I'm no fan of mobile gaming, but I'm not above giving praise where praise is due. And based on what I've gathered from the teaser trailer above it looks like Need for Speed: No Limits is rocking some pretty snazzy graphics.

Additionally, the game looks pretty fast and furious.

Robert Huebner, the executive producer at development studio Firemonkeys, detailed some small aspects of the game in the blog post, writing...
“The team at Firemonkeys has also been bringing Need for Speed to mobile gamers for years, and it’s an honor and a privilege to once again get behind the wheel of this incredible franchise and redefine street racing on mobile. We’re constantly amazed by the power and performance we’re able to get out of the latest phones and tablets and think you will be too.”

For those of you who don't remember, Firemonkeys is the same group behind the oftentimes lauded and sometimes hated Real Racing series. The biggest problem with Real Racing wasn't the gameplay or the graphics or the handling... the biggest problem that most consumers had with Real Racing (especially the third game) was the microtransactions and the content gouging.

Eurogamer notes that the monetary model for Need for Speed: No Limits has yet to be revealed and it could very well suffer the same fate as Real Racing 3 with an overt reliance on microtransactions or it could be a one-time purchase gig. I'm sure most core gamers are hoping for the latter, but that's not really where the money is in the mobile gaming space; publishers need whales spending big money on a consistent and chronic basis to maintain cash flow and push those profit margins to new heights.

I'm still kind of shocked that the media has yet to really take their own to task for the lack of reporting on the 40,000 people who were hacked on the Firemonkeys forum and it was buried in order for the journalist to maintain their ties to Electronic Arts. It's a good thing we have a certain group of people looking out for the interests of the consumer. Let's hope that Firemonkeys and EA can avoid that kind of sour press when Need for Speed: No Limits rolls around in 2015 for Android and iOS devices.

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