Netflix is bringing their streaming television and movie service to another gaming device. Sony revealed during their CES press conference that their PlayStation Vita handheld will support Netflix in the United States.

"The PlayStation 3 is of one the most popular devices for watching movies and TV shows streamed over the internet from Netflix," commented SCEA senior vice president Philip Rosenberg on the PlayStation.Blog. "Now all those movies and TV episodes can be watched on PS Vita’s stunning high-def OLED front touch screen. The addition of Netflix streaming to PS Vita’s unique, powerful gameplay experiences gives users even more access and flexibility to the content they want, when they want it and where they want it."

Netflix is just the latest in a string of third-party apps announced for the Vita. The handheld will also support Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and foursquare. Sony's aiming to make the Vita an "all-in-one" media device, even though they're marketing it primarily as a gaming platform.

Sony didn't mention when Netflix will be available on the Vita. It's possible that it could be ready to go on the Vita's February 22nd launch in the US. The fact that they didn't specifically mention this leaves us wondering, though.

Netflix support has become an almost standard feature for gaming systems. The Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and 3DS all utilize the service. The upcoming Wii U will support it as well.

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