Nvidia Face Works Tech Demo Shows The Power Of Titan

Nvidia has released a tech demo for their new Titan GPU, showcasing nearly 2 teraflops of amazing graphics capability and the best part about the tech demo and the realistic face features is that the 2 teraflops is only half the performance capabilities of Nvidia's Titan.

Previously, the most advanced tech we've seen on the Titan was Arma 3, but this new tech demo gives us a lot more of a future-proof idea of what the Titan is really capable of. Basically, this GPU alone can render realistic looking faces that nearly puts all other forms of 3D rendering to shame.

This tech demo also coincides with what Geomerics' Dr. Chris Doran mentioned about potentially achieving Avatar quality graphics in video games with the right use of lighting technology and hardware.

Nvidia has always been on the cutting edge of graphical technological capabilities. They've also been trying their hand on the lower-end of the GPU tech spectrum with their portable gaming solution, the Shield.

For now, you can least take away from the tech demo that PC games built from the ground up with the Titan (or an equivalent or higher GPU) in mind will at least be able to achieve humanistic photorealism. We've already reached the tier where games featuring non-organic materials have hit the realism-achieved barrier, such as Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS.

You can learn more about Nvidia's new tech by visiting the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.