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Arma 3 Video Showcases Maxed Out Graphics On Nvidia's GTX Titan

Usually it's rare for a game early in the stages of development to receive an actual in-game trailer used for promotional purposes. Most times games in alpha stages have very specific gameplay trailers released showing off only small bits of some features while others rely on some CGI pre-rendered crap (i.e., Aliens: Colonial Marines E3 demo). In the case of Arma 3, the game is showcased in all its glory with actual in-game play running at full spec on Nvidia's GeForce GTX Titan.

If you don't know what a Titan is...just click this link right here.

Anyway, PC Gamer managed to get some brief hands-on time with Bohemia Interactive's upcoming military sim, and they were nice enough to upload some footage of the game in action, showcasing some impressive visuals on a decked out rig worthy of only the most prolific PC Master Race member. Scope it out below.

Very impressive stuff.

To be honest, the environmental fly-overs were a lot more striking than the actual gameplay. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Bohemia has always had a crack team to churn out some amazing environmental effects, which is actually one of the strong points of DayZ, given its dearthy atmospheric charm.

Still, if what you saw above – of a game still going through the developmental cycles – has you impressed and you already know that you want in on the action, you can pre-order the game now from Steam to gain access to the alpha, mod-tools and full game to see if it suits your tastes.

To learn more about Arma 3 feel free to visit the Official Website.

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