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If you're one of the proud members of the PC Master Race, touting a big rig that cost thousands of dollars, with a GPU that could power a NASA satellite, then you're in luck. Nvidia is giving the core of corest gamers a chance to test the mettle of their Master Rig with the new public version of the FaceWork tech demo.

As noted on DSO Gaming, the public demo clocks in at a moderate 309MB, which is around the size of Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast. The demo only contains the giant emotional head known as Ira.

Ira contains various facial expressions that you can see and interact with in real-time. There are also various lighting settings in which you can test Ira's facial performance on your hardware. If you thought all those other benchmarks from Futuremark were taxing, take note that most gamers using the FaceWork demo, even with GTX 580 or higher GPUs in SLI mode, they were noting framerates that did not exceed 32fps. Yikes.

This is a cool way to test out whether your hardware profile is sufficient enough for the generation after the next one's graphical capabilities. It's also quite telling how far advanced the potential of software engineering has come in such a short amount of time.

For the gamer who does manages to get anything stable at 60fps from the IRA demo, you my friend will be the envy of the entire gaming community for years to come. I'm also curious how well Nvidia's own Titan stacks up against this demo and what sort of FPS it gets on a well clocked CPU configuration?

You can grab the demo right now Nvidia's Official Website. Feel free to post your FPS scores below, I'm sure everyone is dying to measure their GPUs with Nvidia's hefty performance test.

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