OUYA 3DMark Tests FPS At 1080p, See Where It Ranks

Did you know that Futuremark's 3DMark benchmarking suite was available for OUYA? Well, technically it's not. However, there is an Android-compatible version of 3DMark and since OUYA is powered by Android, it didn't take long for a few bright minds to get a cross-compatible version of 3DMark Studio working on an OUYA devkit.

3DMark was recently released on the Google Play Store, enabling Android users to make the most out of the benchmarking software in order to test their mobile phone's capabilities for graphics and processing-heavy performance.

Well, according to Futuremark, James Coote, a developer for the upcoming OUYA game Executive Star, contacted them in hopes of getting to benchmark his OUYA by running 3DMark on the devkit, and they complied – enabling for a OUYA software-centric runtime of the Ice Storm Extreme test.

As noted by Futuremark...

The OUYA is currently ranked #73 among Android devices for 3DMark Ice Storm, our new benchmark designed specifically for testing the performance of mobile hardware. Ice Storm is an OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark that uses a fixed off-screen rendering resolution of 720p before scaling the output to fit the native display resolution of the device.

Now, keep in mind that at 1080p taxing the OUYA hardware with Futuremark's latest 3DMark benchmarking suite with an average of about 18fps throughout both tests – on an unoptimized version of the 3DMark software, no less – for OUYA is quite impressive.

I'd like to see what an optimized version of the benchmarking suite runs like and what the average FPS will be across both tests.

For a $99 console even fanboys from Sony and MS's camp would have to be impressed with a high-end OpenGL ES 2.0 full at 1080p and averaging between 18 and 19fps. That's what PS3 gamers were getting during the high-end moments of Battlefield 3 at barely 720p. It kind of makes the OUYA look more cost-effective than Sony's console that originally launched at $600.

Need more info on 3DMark? Want to benchmark the OUYA for yourself? Feel free to learn more over on the official Futuremark website. OUYA is set for release to the public this June, and will come with a wide variety of apps and games.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.