It doesn't really matter what people think about OUYA, the Android-powered console will release this spring for home console entertainment and to further cement the fact into the ground, a developer has confirmed that his game has just been submitted and approved on the OUYA game store.

Given that the console isn't out yet and only those with a dev kit in hand will be able to tell what works and what doesn't, there's no way for us to confirm the game being in the store, but thankfully Save and Quit Gaming found a post from developer James Coote from the UK-based game development studio, Crsytalline Green, where Coote confirms that his game has been added to the OUYA game store.

What's more is that Coote goes on in a lengthy forum thread to help other OUYA developers get their games finalized and store-ready with a series of instructions that you can find right here.

OUYA is scheduled to launch this March, next month, at the $99 price point and will mark a true step in a completely different direction for home console entertainment. Hopefully we'll start hearing about more developers adding more games to the store as the console nears launch. I'm curious to know what the final line-up of games will look like by the time the console is ready to release.

You can learn more about OUYA by visiting the Official Website.

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