FSFlight Productions released a new tech demo trailer for their new Outerra Engine, which can basically procedurally generate a playing field the size of an entire planet. What's more is that the engine also sports photorealistic gameplay.

The video is phenomenal, showcasing drop-dead gorgeous lighting effects and shaders. The sunsets look especially breathtaking and the inclusion of Massive Attack's Teardrops sets the tone for the video, making it that much more immersive. But hey, don't just read my descriptions of how awesome Outerra is, check it out for yourself.

According to DSO Gaming the production of the video had to be done in-engine using the in-flight controls and recorded live, so what you're seeing in the video is pretty much on par with how gamers would see the world if they were in control of a character or vehicle. You have to admit that an open world as grandiose as that is quite awesome.

For those of you who really want to take a look around for yourselves to see if it's some sort of trickery, feel free to grab a free alpha demo of the Outerra Engine and hop into the game world. Simply pay a visit to the Official Website.

FSFlight Productions is also working on a game at the moment called Anteworld, that is like a city-building strategy game where players must rebuild the world, literally. We'll definitely keep you posted on when new screenshots and videos surface.

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