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The limited number of PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles is set to become even more limited shortly after launch, as one soon-to-be owner of the PSX-themed console plans to destroy his machine on-camera. Don’t worry, though, because you can also support his Kickstarter in order to snag a piece of the busted hardware for yourself.

Not a lot of things in this day and age make me ponder “What will they think of next,” but this latest Kickstarter effort from Charles Tiongson certainly brings those immortal words to mind. In late 2014, Sony announced that a limited number of PlayStation 4 consoles themed after the OG PlayStaiton would be sold online in celebration of the console’s 20th anniversary. Charles Tiongson apparently managed to reserve one of the consoles for himself, which he plans to utterly destroy on camera for…well, he never really explains why he’s doing this.

Considering the fact that he’s hoping to raise $20,300 for his “efforts,” however, I believe a ridiculous sum of cold, hard cash served as motivation. As for that unbelievable figure, Tiongson explains in his Kickstarter page that one of the consoles has sold for $20,000 on ebay and, thus, his destroying one of the limited edition pieces of machinery is worth a bit more. He’s hoping that enough people agree with him to raise the funds in another 58 days and, so far, he’s managed to convince five people to chip in $122 to the cause.

While most folks will likely use their 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 to commemorate a milestone for a gaming giant or play games like Destiny or Dragon Age, Tiongson apparently feels that a better use of the hardware would be spectacle. No word yet on if he plans to go through with his plans if the funding limit is not reached, but he’s outlined the plan thusly:

“This 20th Anniversary edition PS4 will be featured in an unboxing video, but afterwards, I will use a sledge-hammer to smash the hell out of this unit,” reads the Kickstarter campaign. “I am not sure when this video will premier. We will still need to purchase the equipment and make sure you get to see every gory scrap of metal that is smashed out.”

Seriously, Tiongson, you couldn’t think it through any further than “Imma use a sledgehammer to break this thing real good-like?” You’re asking people to fork over 20K and you can’t even produce a timeline for the project?

As for backers, you can chip in a dollar to watch the Youtube video of the destruction before it gets released to the masses. Five bucks will get your name or PSN ID thrown into the gredits and $50 will net you a small piece of the console. A $100 contribution will get you a bigger piece of the scrap heap, with one $400 contribution earning the broken PlayStation Camera, which he apparently still refers to as the “PlayStation Eye.” Finally, $500 will earn you the controllers.

I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money but…You know what? No. I am here to tell you how to spend your money this time around. If we collectively decide to stop pandering to these kinds of antics, maybe they’ll finally fade into the background. This nonsense isn’t hurting anyone, no, but I have more respect for your money than this guy does, so maybe think of something (Anything!) a little more useful to spend it on, yeah?

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