If you were already planning on picking up Atlus' upcoming Persona 4 Golden for the PlayStation Vita, or maybe you just needed a little extra push to help you make that decision, the publisher has now revealed a pre-order bonus for the epic RPG: A smexy Vita skin and a matching set of wallpapers.

Apparently the skins are in extremely limited supply, as Atlus' Manager of Public Relations, Aram Jabbari, is keen to point out multiple time in his recent PlayStation Blog post. That being the case, you might want to stop reading this, go pre-order the game, then come back and finish perusing all of these lovely words, carefully organized in a manner meant to inform and entertain.

Here's the rub: They don't actually say who the “participating retailers” are. I did a quick check on Amazon and it's definitely offering the Vita skin. For your local retailers, be sure to double check the fine print to make certain it is, in fact, being offered as a bonus.

Along with the skin, pre-orderers will also gain access to a collection of eight wallpapers for their handheld device, each designed to perfectly match up with the surround skin. And for those who are worried, Jabbari guarantees that no residue will be left behind whenever you decide to remove the skin.

While the PlayStation Portable's version of Persona 3 had to have a few things stripped out to make sure the game could fit on a UMD, the Vita's cards offer ample space for the PlayStation 2 title to fit with ease. There's so much room, in fact, the game has received a graphical facelift to accompany various other added bits of entertainment.

If you want to ensure your visit to The Midnight Channel, as well as that nice new skin for your PSV, be sure to pre-order Persona 4 Golden before it releases on Nov. 20.

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