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OBJECTION!!! Actually, I take that back. Capcom has announced that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD will be heading to iOS devices soon. If anything, that probably deserves a COOLTHANKS!!!

We’re going back to the courtroom, folks, as everyone’s favorite spiky-haired defense attorney tries to prove his clients innocent in a re-launch of the first three Phoenix Wright games. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD will features the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations, all in a nice, neat, HD package rebuilt for iOS.

Originally released for the Nintendo DS, these games have been given a new layer of polish, as well as a whole new swipe controlled interface. The OBJECTIVE! is the same, though: Build a case to defend your client, no matter how guilty they may appear.

As an added bonus, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD will come with an “Everyone Object” mode, allowing you to email or tweet famous phrases from the game (Objection!, Hold it! and Take that!), complete with an animated image.

Capcom has not revealed a price just yet and the release date is still vaguely set for “autumn.” But at least they have revealed that the first two chapters of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be available as a demo when the Trilogy finally hits iOS. Players will be able to pick up the games individually or download Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD as a three-game bundle.

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