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SOE had a second PlanetSide 2 update to share with gamers today. They've sent out screenshots for Mechanized Assault Exo-Suits (MAX), a set of armor that turns players into a one-man army.

There's a lot of diversity among MAX suits. You can pick different weapon configurations depending on what you feel like blowing up. Furthermore, each faction's MAX suits have unique abilities and a distinct appearance.

These MAX suits seem like they'll be an asset in any shoot-out due to their firepower. I assume that they move a bit slow, though. They might be easy pickings for vehicles, such as the bombers shown off in today's trailer.

You're probably wonder why SOE's releasing so much information on PlanetSide 2 today. Well, as it turns out, this week marked the ninth anniversary of the original PlanetSide. Seems like as good of an occasion as any to send out new assets on the sequel. Plus, E3's only a couple weeks away so 'tis the season to hype up games.

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