The upcoming multiplayer shooter Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare will allow players to take on the role of the marauding undead for a change. A new trailer from PopCap Games reveals the types of zombies you can become.

There are four zombie classes in the trailer. Each has a different weapons and abilities at their disposal. The Soldier is equipped with a Z-1 Assault Blaster, jetpack and rocket launcher. They also have grenades that can create purple stink clouds.

The All-Star resembles the football player zombies from the original PvZ. He can sprint tackle enemies or fire footballs at them with his portable cannon. This undead athlete is also able to punt exploding imps or deploy tackling dummies.

The Engineer, like his Team Fortress 2 counterpart, is able to construct turrets to lay down cover fire. He also carries sonic grenades, a jackhammer and a concrete gun. He appears to use his jackhammer as a pogo stick so he can quickly traverse the battlefield.

Garden Warfare's final zombie class is the Scientist. This braniac wields a goo blaster as well as "sticky explody balls." His main utility is setting up heal stations for his teammates. To evade enemy fire, he can warp short distances.

I was very skeptical of Garden Warfare when it was first announced at E3 this summer. It sounded like an April Fool's Joke, to be honest. I have to admit that all the footage I've seen so far looks fun, though. Most multiplayer shooters are either modern-day or sci-fi so cartoonish battles between plants and zombies would be a really interesting switch.

PvZ: Garden Warfare is in development for Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360. PopCap has indicated that it may hit other platforms as well, though. Don't be surprised if it winds up on PS4 and/or PS3, then. The game's expected to debut in early 2014.

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