November is primed to be the biggest month for PlayStation Plus yet. Along with the usual dose of free PlayStation 3 and Vita games, this will be the PlayStation 4’s first month on the roster, offering up two free games day and date with the new console’s release on Nov. 15.

Other than those two PlayStation 4 games, there’s no telling when the rest of this month’s Plus content will be made available as part of the Instant Game Collection. Then again, life wouldn’t be all that exciting without at least a few surprises, right? But while we may not know the order of releases for November, we at least know what games will be included thanks to a recent announcement on the PlayStation Blog. And no matter which console you’re gaming on, PS3, Vita or PS4, you’re in for quite a treat this month.

Last month, PlayStation Plus offered an epic RPG adventure in the form of Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning. Sony is doubling down on the genre in November, as Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen joins the fray. Dark Arisen is the enhanced version of Dragon’s Dogma, the action RPG from Capcom. This version of the game offers new story content, new gear and a few tweaks that make the gameplay more smooth. With dozens of hours of gameplay ready to roll, this game alone should have little trouble keeping you busy until the PS4 arrives.

Also available on the PlayStaiton 3 this month is ibb & obb, the co-op platformer puzzle game. If solving physics and layout-based riddles with a partner isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps you will prefer the squad-based third-person shooter set in a future where robotics have gone awry, Binary Domain.

For those gaming on the go, PlayStation Plus is offering up a pair of top-notch treats this November. First up is the third/first-person shooter, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. Explore a bizarre world as the titular Stranger, then load up your crossbow with “live” ammo, that’s literally little creatures you then shoot at your enemies.

If team-based monster slaying is more your speed, then maybe you’ll want to check out Soul Sacrifice instead. Players must weigh the cost and benefits of sacrificing hundreds of items, their own body parts and even the lives of their companions in order to take on dozens of twisted monsters torn from the world’s legends and myths.

Finally, arriving alongside Sony’s new console, two new games for the PS4 also make their way to Plus this month. The side-scrolling bullet hell from Housemarque, Resogun will be joined by the shadowy platforming adventure, Contrast.

All of those games, along with the usual supply of special demos, betas, DLC and additional discounts, will be available throughout November for PlayStation Plus.

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