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With Christmas only a few days away, the folks over at PlayStation have a few more digital stocking stuffers to dish out with one last weekly update of new games for 2014. The PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 are all getting a little something under the tree this week, with the highlight being the launch of Switch Galaxy Ultra on the PS4 and Sony’s portable device.

For those of you grabbing your calendar and scratching your head, the answer is that there is, in fact, another Tuesday between now and the end of the year but, according to this week’s PlayStation Blog post, there isn’t likely to be anything major hitting the store on Dec. 30. In the comments section, Social Media Specialist Ryan Clements states that, while subject to change, he does not expect anything new to hit the PlayStation store next week due to the holiday.

That’s pretty much to be expected, though. This whole digital marketplace isn’t exactly run by machines just yet, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that those folks might want to take a brief holiday, just like the rest of the world. Either way, enjoy this week’s releases and we’ll see you back on Jan. 6 for the kick off to 2015.

If you enjoy games like Audio Surf, F-Zero or Wipeout (The one with future racing, not folks getting smacked by various objects and falling into water), then you’ll want to give Switch Galaxy Ultra a gander when it releases Tuesday for the PS4 and Vita.

“Welcome to the fastest gaming experience on PlayStation that’s loaded with content and features that will have you blazing across the galaxy at breakneck speeds,” reads the official announcement. “Weave your way past obstacles and enemies as you travel across the galaxy. Earn credits to spend on new ships and upgrades, hit speed-ups, and collect power-ups to get record times and take part in two exciting online multiplayer modes.”

Switch Galaxy Ultra is also a cross buy title, so you can buy it for either console and play it on the other at no extra charge.

Since Trine 2 is already available on the PS4, it makes sense that this week would see the launch of Trine Enchanted Edition, too. It’s everything you loved about the original 2D platforming puzzle adventure game, only now it looks even prettier than before.

Shake Spears drops on the PS3 this week for those of you who want to see what it’s like to compete in a jousting tournament, with the PS Vita crowd enjoying Fieldrunners 2 and Broken Sword 5 The Serpent’s Curse: Epiosde 2.

Finally, PS4 launch game Resogun finally makes the jump backward as a cross buy title for both the PS3 and Vita. If you like twin stick shooters like Stardust, which is from the same developers, then you’ll want to check this one out.

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