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Housemarque fans are going to busy in the coming months, as news is coming down the pipeline that their PS4 hit, Resogun is coming to the PlayStation Vita and PS3 alongside a new “Defenders” update and, oh yeah, an upgraded version of the phenomenal Stardust is slated to release on the PS4 in 2015.

If you’re a fan of the twin-stick shooter genre and you aren’t familiar with the studio Housemarque, then you simply haven’t been paying attention. They kicked things off on the PlayStation 3 with the amazing Super Stardust HD, which eventually got ported to the PSP and, more recently, the Vita. When the PlayStation 4 launched last year, the studio’s newest title, Resogun was ready for opening day, once again enthralling fans with sharp graphics, simple yet deep gameplay and a thumping soundtrack.
Resogun but, otherwise, the studio has remained pretty quiet about their future plans. In the past 24 hours, said plans have spilled onto the PlayStation Blog, including news on a new Resogun update, additional platforms for the game, as well as an enhanced version of Stardust itself for Sony’s latest home machine.

In the past year, the only way to get your hands on Resogun was to own a PlayStation 4. Housemarque is spreading the love in time for Christmas, however, explaining that the side-scrolling 3D twin-stick shooter will be launching for the PS3 and Vita on Dec. 23. Resogun will set you back $14.99 on either of its new consoles or, if you already own it for the PS4, you’ll be happy to know that it’s a cross-buy title. In other words, you can download it across all three platforms for one single purchase. Noice.

Those of you who have already been enjoying Resogun on the PS4 still have something big to look forward to as the “Defenders” DLC has been announced for early 2015. It’ll set you back five bucks (unless you have the season pass, in which case it won’t cost you another dime), and it’ll include two brand new game modes (Protector, Commando), new ships, planets and more.

If, however, you wish to return to the spherical antics of Stardust, then you’ll be excited to learn that Super Stardust Ultra is coming to the PS4, also in early 2015. This version of the game will cost $12.99 and, unlike Resogun, it will not be cross-buy.

Why? Because it’s more than just a prettier version of the original game. SSU will include everything previous versions of the game offered, as well as a bunch of new planets to explore and a whopping nine game modes, including several that have never been seen before. Originally a Housemarque game, this latest version has been put together by D3T and XDEV, so here’s a little credit where it’s due.

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