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Pokemon X And Y Bug Corrupts Saves, Here's How To Avoid It

Some Pokemon X and Y gamers have discovered a bug has ruined their save files. In an official announcement on their website, Nintendo confirmed the issue and explained how players can avoid this problem.

The problem occurs when the player attempts to save in Lumiose City, the main hub for the game. Saving in certain parts of the city - namely the outer edges - will corrupt the file. When the player reloads, they find that the game's controls no longer respond.

"Please make sure you don’t save the game while in the areas marked on the map below (blue area)," Nintendo said of the diagram below. "You can still save the game anywhere else in Lumiose City, including inside buildings such as Pokémon Centers."

If you've been affected by the issue, you may be able to get your progress back. Nintendo is currently working on an application to recover the saved game data. They're planning to release this recovery application through the Nintendo eShop "as soon as possible."

"We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience and ask you to please keep an eye on our website over the coming days for the latest information and updates."

Pokemon X and Y is the first game in the main series released exclusively for the 3DS (and new 2DS). Players will travel to the Kalos Region in an effort to become the top Pokemon master. They'll acquire new Pokemon such as Honedge and the new Fairy type. For the first time in the series, players can use items to give their Pokemon temporary Mega Evolutions for an edge in battle.

Nintendo have plenty of incentive to offer a quick, convenient fix for this bug. Pokemon is a huge franchise for them. X and Y is no exception, selling millions of copies in its first weekend.

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