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Pokemon X And Y: Why They're Not Coming To Wii U

This week Game Freak announced that they're creating Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the 3DS. Why didn't they make it for Nintendo's new console, the Wii U?

"I can’t speak to the specifics, but traditionally Game Freak has always loved the game to be on a portable device because of the communication, trading, and the experience of taking this adventure with you," the Pokemon Company's J.C. Smith told GI. "That’s why they’ve always prioritized a portable version of the game first. They’ve always liked what you can do in the real world with that."

Game Freak isn't specifically snubbing the Wii U here. The main Pokemon RPG series has always been on handhelds. Console Pokemon games - whether they were on Nintendo 64, GameCube or Wii - have all been spin-offs that deviate from the series' gameplay formula in some way.

While handheld systems do carry certain advantages, so do consoles. A console Pokemon game could have multiplayer on a larger scale or better visuals. A full-fledged Pokemon RPG on the Wii U could be something really special.

However, I guess Game Freak doesn't have much reason to experiment. Their handheld Pokemon games sell millions and millions of copies. Their strategy has been working for them for years so why would they change now?

Pokemon X and Y will be arriving worldwide this fall.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.