A Police Officer Thought Of The Best Way To Help A Kid Who Had His Pokemon Cards Stolen

Talk about having the worst day of your life. The nine-year-old boy has been building his Pokemon card collection since he was just six before it was stolen from him. 

While he was walking home from school, the binder he kept his cards in was taken from him right out of his arms by another kid. After it happened, his mom actually called the cops in hopes they could catch the petty thief. While they did catch the kid who did the crime, the young Pokemon fan’s binder was returned and still missing some cards. 

Being a Pokemon fan himself, Officer Grotenrath felt bad for the kid and decided to do his own good deed to make him feel better. So he dug out his own Pokemon card collection and donated it to the boy, and his collection even included the rare Ancient Mew. You can watch a video of the event below.

The police officer was just happy to give up his collection to someone who he knew would take care of it. When it comes to Pokemon cards, kids can get vicious. Back when I was in elementary school, Pokemon cards were huge and had just debuted. Everyone had them: boys, girls, everyone. I’m ashamed to say I was guilty of stealing a Pokemon card once. Because I was little and didn’t understand, I wanted to collect all of the Pokemon cards that had Pokemon who looked like cats. I stole a Persian card from a girl and snuck it into my backpack and the girl actually had my pockets searched thinking I stole it. They never found it and she never got her card back. Pokemon cards make people do crazy things, apparently. And this boy’s thief is no exception.

Fortunately for the thief, there were no charges pressed against the boy, but he just got a very stern “talking to” probably about the rules of stealing and how bad it is. But it’s POKEMON! Everyone knows you just don’t go tra-la-laing down the street with a binder of Pokemon cards. And now because of this video, everyone knows he has the super-rare Ancient Mew card. Good luck not getting that stolen. 

While Pokemon has taken on a different kind of identity in today’s world, it still remains just as popular as it used to be as both a video game and a card game, and we don’t know if there will ever be an end to the madness. And for nine-year-old Bryce, maybe it’s best he keep his super-rare Mew card locked away for safekeeping.