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Preview: Okami

Players: 1

Price: $39.99

Platform(s): Wii

Developer: Ready at Dawn / Clover Studio

Publisher: Capcom

ESRB: Teen

Website: Okami

Release Date: April 15, 2008

You’ll have to forgive us, because we’re about to tell you a ported title for the Wii is worth your time and money. We’ve railed on the third party non-effort on Wii for nearly a year now, and here comes Okami to make us flip-flop. The Zelda inspired brilliant title from now defunct Clover Studios makes a new home with waggle controls on Wii. This is where Okami should have always been, and if you thought it was good before…well get ready to enjoy Amaterasu’s adveture once again.

Ready at Dawn has stepped in to take on the Wii port, and considering the development team from Clover is scattered to the wind that was no small feat. They’ve taken the game you already know and improved it for use on the Wii. You know, exactly the opposite of all other ported crapware on the system. The cel-shaded graphics are still in tact, and look even more beautiful than before. My only issue is the filter used in the original version has been toned down greatly. The artistic style of Okami has been lost a bit, and that’s too bad. But perhaps that was an intentional choice by Capcom, who was burned by poor sales when the game originally released two years ago.

The game is the same: You play as sun goddess Amaterasu, a wolf character before Zelda: Twilight Princess was even a thought in your mind, who is awakened after a lengthy nap to save Nippon. The waggle controls might offend you if you threw down the Wii remote after an hour with Zelda and insisted on playing the GameCube version. But Okami is worth your time and energy. And if you’re just picking it up now, you’d be better off with the slightly improved Ready at Dawn version. Besides, the painting mechanic is a perfect match for the Wii.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.