Project CARS Aims For 1080p, 60fps On PS4, Xbox One

While we know that the first target rendering goal of Project CARS for the Wii U is 720p at 30fps with the settings turned up pretty high in an attempt to match parity with the PC version, what we didn't know – at the time – was what the rendering targets would be for the Xbox One and the PS4.

Gear Nuke spotted comments by Ian Bell on Eurogamer, where he simply stated that the team is still aiming for 60 consistent frames per second when it comes to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Project CARS. His exact words were “We’re still aiming for 60 FPS on those consoles.”

This is coupled with Gear Nuke's spotting of 1080p and 60fps on the official website for the target render on the new gen systems. However, targeting that resolution and delivering that resolution are two completely different things.

While Ian Bell already mentioned that the PS4 is hitting those high-end benchmarks, there hasn't been any word about the Xbox One version of the game. In fact, we already managed to get some of the very first in-game screenshots of Project CARS for the PS4, but still nothing on the Xbox One.

Of course, this isn't surprising. The Xbox One has regularly been the last kid out of the school bus in these sort of events. Usually it's to keep the console from being embarrassed in front of all the gaming world, just like a Liberian dictator showing up at a UN peace rally.

The reality is that Microsoft's new TV-on-your-TV box was made for TV on your TV, and it suffers greatly in the hardware department when compared to the PlayStation 4.

Due to its limited hardware capabilities, it's usually relegated to welfare resolutions and frame-rates, even though the system carries a premium $500 price tag with it.

The shocking part about it is that despite the higher price and lower graphical features, there are no compensatory features used to elevate the console in parity with the PS4 or Wii U – where the PS4 has the touchpad support and remote play with the PS Vita, and the Wii U has off-screen play support via the Gamepad, as well as dual-screen gameplay options.

Instead, the Xbox One hasn't received any special treatment where they could be special treatment. The forced-in Kinect 2.0 could offer developers an avenue of originality to at least give gamers a reason to believe that paying more for the product offers you... well... more!

However, there hasn't been much use out of the Kinect since the system's launch last year, and plenty of pundits are calling for Microsoft to unbundle the see-in-the-dark camera, also known by its real-name as the NSA Spybox.

Anyway, if Slightly Mad Studios can hit 1080p at 60fps I would be curious to know what corners they had to cut graphically to hit that standard. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the Xbox One settles for 720p at 60fps, or 1080p at 30fps (with occasional drops). I do wonder if the team will compensate the lower resolution with possible Kinect support?

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.