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After blasting past the Kickstarter goal of $100,000 and excelling like a mofo in thanks to major community support and a bunch of gamers craving for another JRPG, the team has more good news inbound, this time aimed at console gamers. Creative Intelligence Arts Inc., announced that Project Phoenix is in development for the PS4 and PS Vita and has been confirmed for release on Sony's platforms.

Dualshockers spotted the update on the Kickstarter page for Project Phoenix, where the team has confirmed that they have been approved to release the game (which is still extremely early on in development) for Sony's consoles. As noted on the update page...
In running this Kickstarter, if there’s one thing we’ve really come to appreciate, it’s your energy, enthusiasm, and, of course, your patience! After a lot of hard work on the back end, we can finally announce that Project Phoenix will officially be released on the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received many messages, e-mails, and queries about the possibility of the game being released on the PS4 and PS Vita and now, after long negotiations and discussions, that wish has become a reality! So although not every single detail about the release has been finalized, we’re proud and excited at the prospect of developing for the Playstation platform.

Project Phoenix joins other indie games on Sony's platforms, including the upcoming Timesplitters Rewind, which is in development for the PlayStation 4 as well, but is still awaiting approval from Crytek.

Both Sony and Nintendo have been adamant in tracking down indie devs and getting console exclusivity from various projects. I imagine for Project Phoenix Sony probably told them that they would be allowed to self-publish the game on their console so long as a PS Vita port was also made. As we all know, the PSV could use all the help it can get, because it's getting the absolute mess beat out of it by the Nintendo 3DS every single month of the year.

Project Phoenix is a passion project by a small team of dedicated indie devs, many of which are veterans from gaming industry while others are newcomers, gamers at heart who wish to contribute to game culture.

The game is an absolute throwback to the classic JRPG genre that seems to have become diluted and scarce over the years, with very few notable games releasing from the bigger studios over the years.

The highlight of Project Phoenix will be just like the highlight of Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9, combining the new school technology of today with the old-school nostalgic concept of the Golden Age of gaming. The revival of the JRPG genre starts and ends with gamers, and in this case the game has been put into the hands (or wallets) of the gaming community.

You can learn more about Project Phoenix by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page. I'm sure future PS4 owners are absolutely thrilled at all the games coming their way.

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