Project Spark Will Be Free-To-Download For Xbox One, Xbox 360 And Windows 8

While some of the Xbox One games were clearly running on Windows 7 systems it doesn't mean Microsoft isn't focusing their attention on their latest OS. In fact, one of Microsoft's OS exclusive titles is the emergent, content-manipulation game, Project Spark from Team Dakota, which proved to be a real highlight during E3. Even though there are a lot of bad things surrounding the policies of the Xbox One, this little title is actually one of the shining beacons in the Microsoft camp at the moment.

Since a lot of the news surrounding the Xbox One at E3 wasn't very brand-friendly, Microsoft had a page dedicated to the games on their official website. Nothing like spreading the word by being insular, eh?

Even though we let gamers know about Project Spark in an E3 press conference rundown, we didn't actually have time to give you more details about this little gem. Basically, imagine if Dungeon Defenders, LittleBigPlanet and VoxelFarm had one really wild night together and then got pregnant with a kid...that kid would be Project Spark.

Players can craft, sculpt, shape, manipulate and basically create the kind of game world they would like to play in, while also engaging in some real-time strategy style gameplay and action-oriented survival mechanics. It's a neat approach to what could have been considered a tired tower-defense title. There's a bit of a mix of Orcs Must Die fused with some MMO type properties, where players can completely alter the direction of the gameplay in non-linear fashion. This whole scenario opens up a lot of different gaming possibilities that reminds of Spore before the whole thing fell by the wayside due to DRM...hmm...history.

If you could consider it a downside, the requirement of Windows 8 for the PC rendition might turn some gamers off. Even if Microsoft doesn't like Windows 8 all that much, sadly that's just how the dice fall in this case.

On the up and up, if you game on consoles you can at least look for the game to be made available on the Xbox 360. The game is set to head into a beta that you might be able to join by checking out the official beta website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.