Fans of side-scrolling shooters will be happy to know that the latest incarnation of the landmark R-Type series, Dimensions, is coming to the PlayStation 3 on May 20, packed with two games’ worth of dodging projectiles, blasting enemies and destroying an alien threat before it has the opportunity to take over the galaxy.

Coming from the folks at Tozai Games, R-Type Dimensions for PSN boasts a pair of remastered classic shooters with all of the usual upgrades, including HD graphics, a boosted soundtrack and additional features.

For those unfamiliar with the series, R-Type didn’t exactly invent the genre of 2D side-scrolling shooters, but many consider it to be the best series the genre has to offer. Controls have always been tight, levels have always been interesting, enemy types have always been varied and bosses have always been tough but fair. That’s basically a perfect storm for the genre and now R-Type Dimensions is offering a one-two punch of content in a single handy package.

“Tozai is going at this one with their lasers-a’-blazing, bringing both R-Type and R-Type II together as R-Type Dimensions,” explained Tozai Public Relations Representative, David Bruno on the PlayStation Blog. “Players will be getting R-Type, featuring all eight original R-Type levels, and R-Type II, featuring all six original levels. But wait, hold the phones, there’s more! Tozai isn’t just releasing some dusty old arcade ports, no way. They’re giving this legendary series the special treatment it so rightfully deserves.”

So what, exactly, is being added to the formula to make it tastier than ever? According to David Bruno, those enhanced visuals and sounds will be topped off with the ability to switch between old school and new school graphics at the push of a button, as well as the addition of an Infinite Mode and Level Select, perfect for those who don’t feel like trying to pick up and play these classic shooters from the beginning every single time they boot the game up.

“And if that wasn’t enough, they’re also including local couch co-op — because it’s more fun to blast Bydo Empire baddies with a friend — a slow motion play function, controller key configuration, worldwide leaderboards, player statistics, and of course, Trophies,” he added.

Whether you’re new to the shmup genre or an old hand from classic arcades, R-Type Dimensions looks to offer a little something for everyone; new content, new modes and features, as well as the ability to ignore all of that and just play the game the way you remember it, if you so choose.

No price point has been set yet but, with May 20 only a couple of weeks away, we won’t have to wait much longer to find out all of the final details when R-Type Dimensions hits the PlayStation 3.

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