ROM: Read Only Memories, Ultionus: A Tale Of Petty Revenge Join Steam Greenlight

Two more games of rather interesting qualities have joined Steam's Greenlight, and both games have garnered a bit of their own form of controversy just for being exactly what they are. Although, one is a little more controversial than the other... for obvious reasons.

First up we have Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge, which is a side-scrolling platforming shooter steeped in classic 90s culture. Of course, the game doesn't stop there and decides to go hardcore counter-culture with a strong, fit heroine sporting ample assets.

This game features a titanic sense of adventure with a titular character of titillating proportions. And if none of that was obvious enough, next to rocket-boots and a large laser pistol, galactic heroine Serena S has a very large rack.

The game itself is about Serena going out to get revenge for being slighted in a trollish post on Spacebook. Hence, the subtitle “A Tale of Petty Revenge”.

Despite the schlocky presentation of a capable of overtly sexy heroine, as well as an obvious dig at modernist feminism (although I have no idea what side of the argument the author of the game really falls on), the highlight of this title is in its ability to rekindle smooth-as-butter gameplay backed entirely by some awesome 16-bit pixel art that looks like a fine fit for an unreleased Sega Genesis game. Added to this, the soundtrack from Jake "Virt" Kaufman and Luke "A_Rival" Esquivel is just unrivaled and a superb homage to 90s Euro-trance. I love it.

If you want to see this game land on Steam's store or if you want to rip the developer a new one, feel free to voice your opinion of Ultionus over on the Steam Greenlight page.

Oh we're not done just yet. There's another game also making the rounds across the Steam Greenlight eco-sphere called ROM: Read Only Memories. This is a classic throwback graphic text-adventure that rekindles the old days of procedural exploration and logic adventure titles like Zork and Wasteland.

Read Only Memories is a Kickstarter project designed for Mac, PC, Ouya and iOS. It's nearing its goal but it's looking kind of thin at this junction. So what makes this sci-fi, cyberpunk adventure game with unique characters set within the techno-garbage ridden slums of a Neo-San Francisco in 2064? Well, it's designed by the GaymerX group and has strong support for the LGBT community, which means plenty of LGBT characters in the game.

Quite naturally, this caused quite a stir on Steam Greenlight where not everyone is down with a lifestyle they don't agree with. This, of course, created lots of discussion, debate and a bit of fallout amongst gamers vying to support Read Only Memories while others feel it treads dangerous territory of using content that will preclude certain individuals going in with certain concepts of what they expect from certain characters.

It's a fine balancing act... creativity, that is. If you like what ROM: Read Only Memories has to sell and you want to support the game and its cause, feel free to check out the Kickstarter page or the Steam Greenlight page for further information.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.