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Valve has just greenlit 100 games from the Greenlight service. That's right, 100 games. It's not all little, worthless, super no-name titles, either. Many of the games greenlit are titles that have been receiving some fair amount of coverage from media and the gaming community alike.

As noted on the Greenlight community page...
“As with past batches, these titles will be released independently in the weeks or months ahead, as they complete development and integrate any Steamworks features they are interested in utilizing.”

There's literally a game in this latest batch of Greenlight titles that suits just about any and everyone's varied and diverse tastes in the medium of interactive entertainment. We have games like Dex, the futuristic, side-scrolling cyberpunk RPG, potentially giving us our first female Rick Deckard.

Interference, the other cyberpunk side-scroller that focuses more on puzzles and parkour, has also been greenlit.

Other games, like La Tale, Global Outbreak and Critical Point – established games that are being put on Greenlight by their portal publishers – have also been greenlit.

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

Original titles that really need to help flesh out the Steam store, such as EF-12, the fighter game maker from established animator and fighting game maker designer and animator, Masahiro Onoguchi. Thankfully the title was quickly greenlit, along with its other Japanese counterpart, the high-quality hack and slash title, Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae.

Mobile games that found some measure of success on iPhones and Androids, such as the isometric 3D shooter Guerrilla Bob, has also been greenlit.

The multi-vehicle, multiplayer racing game Krautscape has also been greenlit, and this is one of the few titles I literally can't wait to play. It'll have to do until Miyamoto decides to finally release an F-Zero game on the Wii U (you can do it Miyamoto... we believe in you!).

Fancifully animated platformer Mr. Bree+ has also been greenlit, and this was a long one in the making right here. I'm glad this game finally made the cut because it just looks gorgeous.

Other offbeat games such as Of Light & Shadow, Pixel Piracy and Scraps have also made the cut.

And finally, one of the very first games added to Steam Greenlight, but forgotten and lost in the shuffle of other hotly promoted games has also been greenlit... I'm talking about one of the RPGs that garnered tons of positive feedback but didn't quite seem to ever get the “okay” from Valve. That's right, Saturday Morning RPG has finally been greenlit. Congratulations guys. I'll definitely be picking up a digital copy of the game when it arrives on the Steam Store.

You can check out the full list of greenlit games over on the Steam Community page.

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