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Rain World is the story of a lonely slugcat—yes, the cross between a slug and a cat—fighting to survive an alien world that is completely ravaged by heavy, constant rains. Currently working to bring the story to life, creators Joar Jakobsson and James Primate have released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the unique, otherworldly platformer.

Rain World was introduced as a Kickstarter project by Swedish programmer, Joar Jakobsson and sound designer, James Primate. The game was able to raise $63,255, way over their initial $25,000 goal, with 30 backers pledging $200 or more. The official Twitter page for the game announced a slew of surprises in celebration of the holiday season.

They’ve added two large game regions filled with unique creatures as well as implementing UI and graphical aspects. The gameplay video is actually a part of the holiday surprise and is shot within the Heavy Industry level. The game in its entirety is set in a bleak, industrial nightmare–and the constant rain just complicates life in the cracked eco-system. The rain keeps the grimey enemies at bay, but when it stops, that’s when they come out to find food. And food could mean a tasty slugcat. Primate and Jakobsson have said that,
A large focus of the development has been on enemy AI: they are cunning, vicious and they are always hunting you.

Because the enemies are always sniffing you out, another large part of the gameplay is sneaking around enemies to get to your destination. There is not always a focus on killing or defeating to get through. Rain World will include co-op of up to four players with the constant threat of rain and a limited number of resources.

James Primate, the main sound designer for Rain World, has shared a preview of the sound of the game on SoundCloud. You can listen to the preview below.

The Kickstarter announced that the game is going to be released on PC, Mac, Linux and (after being showcased at PlayStation Experience) PS4, with other console announcements coming. A release date has not been established yet, but will be announced soon.