A rare treat has occurred in the realm of technology and gaming. What is this rare treat? It's a discount and not just any discount but a half-off discount. While discounts happen all the time and for a number of products, this time there's a 50% discount on nearly all of Razer's gaming gear. That's right... 50% off on all those expensive little toys.

The news comes courtesy of a Facebook post Razer's CEO Min-Liang Tan who spends a moderate amount of time explaining why the discount is happening: it's because of CES 2015. More specifically, it's because Razer has been named – for the fifth time – the Best of CES 2015 when it comes to a gaming product and the Best of CES when it comes to the people's choice.

According to Tan...
“Well, you guys will know we rarely (if ever) do sales or promotions, but we have a custom at Razer that when we have a mega win like this – we have a victory lap and celebrate together with our fan base with a mega sale.

“So here it comes – we’re going to do 50% off all Razer gaming gear (except for systems which will be at 30% off) on the RazerStore for 24 hours starting Jan 12 6pm PST to Jan 13 5:59pm PST.”

While your heart might be pumping and your nether regions thumping, there are a few stipulations and expectations you need to keep in check. For instance, every customer is limited to only one sale item per purchase. So you can't stockpile and clean out Razer's inventory in a sales spree.

Tan warns that there will also likely be a lot of slowdown as customers storm the site to get the goods. So expect to chug along once you get to the website.

There's also one last stipulation you'll need to keep in mind before you rocket off to the Razer website. Tan brings out that the discounts will be handed out through codes, stating...
“Further, we will be doing the sale via distributing unique RazerStore codes via Razer Insider ONLY – so if you’re not already actively participating on Insider – you’ll want to get on it asap”

Since you only have a day to make good on the offer and get on the Razer Insider list.

For those of you unfamiliar with Razer or why they're being celebrated due to their showing at CES 2015, you may have missed out their recent news about the Forge TV, a new device that allows gamers to stream their PC games to their TV. No extra console required, no extra bulky hardware. You can just hook the Forge TV up to your TV, grab the Forge controller and play some of your favorite Steam, Origin and Battle.net games right from the device as it streams your games to your TV in HD.

Amazon's Fire TV is similar but lacks the games, and Nvidia's Shield has had a hard time gaining traction. Razer hasn't always had home-runs, though. The company had a few missteps with things like the Fiona, but it looks like they may have found a winning formula with the Forge TV.

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