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Receiver, An Interesting Mix Of Mirror's Edge And Amnesia

Two new videos have become available for the new indie, first-person shooter game, Receiver. Now, before you groan and mumble under your breath, this isn't just another military shooter, it's a sci-fi existentialist shooter.

Basically, Receiver is a small indie-project from the same guy working on Overgrowth. Wolfire Games tossed together Receiver, which is an interesting take on survival and weapon mechanics. The bleak atmosphere and easy ways to die are very reminiscent to Amnesia, as well as a reliance on thinking first about a situation before charging in.

I don't think I could do a very good job of explaining the rest of the game before you see it for yourself. So check out the trailers first.

While the floating gun, tape recorders and odd looking, Half-Life meets Perfect Dark art-style is kind of trippy, there is an interesting element to this game; the fact that you can kind of run around and hop off of stuff like a platformer but then use this technical gun-mechanic setup to fight things is a bit unique.

As a game, it's hard to tell if this will have the depth necessary to fulfill someone's entertainment needs, but the concept nonetheless is still very fascinating. I especially like the technical details of the weapons, it reminds me a little bit of Red Orchestra 2, and it's something I sort of wish was in more games.

You can learn more about Wolfire Games' Receiver -- which is free with pre-orders of Overgrowth, or you can pick up a digital copy for $5 -- be sure to pay a visit to the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.