Microsoft has added additional features to the Xbox One following the big August update. One of the updates includes the ability to socialize on Reddit without having to bring a keyboard and mouse with you.

As noted on the Xbox news wire, the new Reddit app is called ReddX, and it allows Xbox One owners to easily and conveniently snap Reddit to the side of the screen and interact with the community while they game or watch TV on their TV. While the name of the app might sound like something from an adult website ring, it's actually a customized Xbox One app that enables users to quickly and efficiently upvote or downvote Reddit submissions without requiring a PC.

It's also possible to check out GIFs, videos, images and other social-oriented features that have become so very well popularized on Reddit. You can even customize the main page and setup which sub-reddits are available for browsing when you log into your Xbox Live account.

Major Nelson gives a brief walkthrough and demonstration of the update in the video below. Check it out.

In addition to adding ReddX to the line-up of new content for the Xbox One, Microsoft and Twitch have also announced that the live-streaming service has been updated for Microsoft's third-generation home console.

The new update for Twitch brings along better Kinect integration, enabling the Kinect to track and zoom in on your face while you live-stream. Alternatively, for those of you who purchased the recent $399 Xbox One without Kinect, there is the option to use the included headset for voice-over integration for Twitch streams.

The new home screen also has a “watch with friends” option that allows users to dabble into a showcase of what their friends are watching. If none of your friends are watching anything on Twitch then the feature will automatically hide itself from the main menu.

And lastly, Microsoft has made it known that they have a new MTV partnership for the Xbox One, bringing clips, shows and other media from the popular MTV network to the Xbox One.

The app enables users to see sneak peeks of upcoming shows, as well as bonus clips from other popular shows. Some full episodes will also be available for viewing via an MTV subscription service, too. The app will even enable users to keep up with the latest gossip and news from around the MTV water cooler, and special features will be available so users can take behind-the-scenes trips on blockbuster movies and award events.

You can learn more about these new updates for the Xbox One as Microsoft continues to expand the console's focus on multimedia integration and television programming by visiting the official Xbox website.

Unfortunately, the television apps and services are only available for those living in the continental U.S.

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