Resolution And Graphics Affect Gameplay On PS4, Says Shuhei Yoshida

While Microsoft's executives have been making the marketing rounds to downplay the important of resolution and graphics the way an insecure fellow would go around talking about “size doesn't matter”, Sony's worldwide studio head honcho, Shuhei “The Boss” Yoshida has been going around saying just the opposite, that size does matter because he's got a big package... in the PS4.

Gearnuke spotted some key quotes from Yoshida in an interview with where Shuhei contradicted Microsoft's VP Phil Spencer, who tried making it known that resolution and graphics weren't that important...

“I can confidently say that graphics matter, because I played through Killzone: Shadow Fall”...“When you compare a game like Killzone: Shadow Fall to Killzone 3 on PS3, for example, the fact that the game is rendered and displayed at 1080p native means that every pixel is rendered, and in combination with the new Dual Shock 4 analog sticks and triggers, it’s great when you’re playing a shooter and you can see the enemy far away from you and you can move the crosshair to aim with pixel perfect precision.”

Yes, that matters a lot. I mean, how on Earth could anyone hit anything at a far off distance if they have to play at native 480p at only 20 frames per second? I mean, really, you can't hit Jack-spit playing at those resolutions. It's a blatant lie to say that resolution and frame rate and graphics don't affect gameplay.

Trying to downplay the resolution differences is a silly thing because all of the Glorious PC Master Race know that 4K is better than 300x200 and every PC Master Race member knows that frame rates do affect reaction times.

Shuhei went on to say...

“When you talk to game designers at Guerilla, they would tell you it’s kind of traditional for shooters on consoles to include some aim assist [function] because of the lack of accuracy of the control and the lack of clarity in the graphics, but with 1080p and the power of PS4 you don’t need that.”“That’s the difference; graphics isn’t just about making things look pretty, but it can make the gameplay better.”

Totally agreed.

While Sony's head honchos can play up the resolution differences between the PS4 and Xbox One because the PS4 is blatantly packing more punch in its hardware than the Xbox One, the damage control routine from Microsoft, in a way, makes them look weak. Unlike Nintendo, who has always relied on the gameplay-over-graphics mantra, Microsoft is now taking a backseat to Sony on the power front and they seem to be squirming their way through the media like the NRA squirmed through attempts to lock down on gun control laws.

Mirosoft's squirming, however, has led many to become distrustful of the company and see the recent Resolutiongate fallout as an attempt by both Microsoft and Activision to help curb some of the negative press surrounding the Xbox One's resolution problems, when in reality all it did was bring more negative attention to the big black box.

Anyway, bar a few defective assembly line problems, the PS4 is rolling out to a great head start on the Xbox One with a lot of positivity circulating around its powerful hardware and ability to get their software packages up higher than the Xbox One... in resolution, of course.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.