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Rumor: Batman Game Canceled

If there was ever a movie popular enough to deserve a crappy tie-in, it was Dark Knight. Unfortunately, the game just got deep-sixed. Don't worry, though - another game featured the Caped Crusader is still on its way.

According to Australian Gamer, the development team at Pandemic Brisbane, the studio in charge of the Dark Knight tie-in game, has been informed that their game was canceled. They obviously missed a simultaneous release date with Dark Knight, but it was thought they might be able to pull the game together in time for the DVD release. Guess the execs decided to cut their losses.

The good news is that you've still got Rocksteady Games' to look forward to. It's based off the comics rather than the film so it doesn't have the same expiration date as the Dark Knight project. While the Pandemic's canceled game was going to have Batman roaming around Gotham in his Batmobile, Arkham Asylum will be set entirely within a high-security mental institution taken over by supervillains.

After you pour a 40 oz. on the ground for the Dark Knight game, check out the screenshots for Arkham below. Also, you can find out more about the game here.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.