Rust Will Turn Into Garry's Mod With User Generated Content

One of Garry Newman's biggest goals in Garry's Mod was to have the sandbox turn into a real sandbox. He wanted people to be able to venture around and build, shape and modify the game world just like Minecraft. The Source Engine didn't make that dream a possibility in Garry's Mod.

Newman decided that in order to make his dream project come true, he needed a new engine; a bigger engine that could handle his growing dreams that became too large to fit within the confines of the Source Engine. Hence, Rust.

Rust originally launched as a zombie-survival open-world sandbox thing. However, according to a recent post on the Rust website, appropriately spotted by Start 2 Continue, Rust will become something so much more than its current iteration.

Garry further explains how this new internet-based item generator will work, and how Rust will basically become Garry's Mod 2.0...

“Something we’ve wanted to explore for a while is the possibility of an internet-based item editor. We want to get it in a position where anyone on the team can edit items. Then we want to open it up to the public – like TF2 did with hats. Obviously items submitted by the public wouldn’t automatically appear in game. We’ll be looking through them, you’ll be voting on them, we’ll be editing and accepting them and making sure it all works.”

It's like Steam Workshop all over again... and that's a good thing.

I'm curious as to exactly what kind of items will make it into the game? New weapons? New armor types? New housing items? Animal-body-part tools? Physics-based toilets? Growing babies? A Spartan kick?

No hints are given, but Garry does lay out a time-frame, noting...

“The website side is really easy. It’s getting the items in game that’s a bit more involved and might take a couple of weeks.. because a lot of stuff needs replacing. The good news is that it’s all crap and needs replacing with a better system, and once we’ve laid the foundations we’ll be able to add new items like it’s nothing.”

This is really good news. I imagine there will be a lot of curating on the team side with some of the stuff that will try to pass through. I'm also curious exactly how involved or restrictive the team will be in regards to more adult-themed items? I mean, the game is now famous for having swinging schlongs slapping people in the face, as a bunch of a nude, psycho-bandits go around bringing a whole new interactive scope to tea-bagging... in fact, people playing with the Oculus Rift have actually come away with particles of hair in their mouth.

Nevertheless, Rust is a money-making machine and has made Garry Newman and crew exceptionally rich.

A console rendition of the game is supposedly in the talks, as Sony has reached out to Facepunch Studios in regards to making a paid-beta available on the PS4.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.