Crytek's hack-and-slash game Ryse, first announced for the Xbox 360 back in 2011, is still in development. However, the game is now targeted for the next-gen console Xbox One.

Ryse allows players to become a Roman warrior. It was announced as a hardcore Kinect title, with players blocking and attacking with hand gestures. The updated teaser site for the game says that players will become a soldier, general, and then a legend.

The site also confirms that Kinect is still part of the game. However, it says that Kinect "enhances the controller-based gameplay," rather than replacing it outright. Does that mean you can play solely with a controller, then?

Most Kinect games on Xbox 360 targeted casual audiences. However, with the Xbox One, it seems like Microsoft might try to make the controller-free tech a bit more appealing to hardcore gamers. They're bundling the Kinect camera with new XB1 consoles so now they have to introduce software that justifies its inclusion in the base package.

Following the Xbox One announcement yesterday, Crytek updated the teaser page with a countdown. The countdown will end at the beginning of E3 in early June. Expect a lot of information about the game during the convention. As the website says, the game's coming out in "MMXIII," or 2013.

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