Shadowrun Returns Reaches $1 Million

Harebrained Schemes' turn-based RPG Shadowrun Returns has hit another funding milestone on Kickstarter. Gamers have now contributed over $1 million toward the game's development.

The $1 million milestone allows Harebrained to add even more features to the game. For example, the game will now have two cities instead of just one. The previously-announced mission editor will be made more accessible so that less tech-savvy players can tell their own stores in the game world. Finally, the musical score will be deeper.

In a new video update, Harebrained founder Jordan Weisman said that they have a special incentive planned if the game reaches $1.5 million in the next two weeks. They'll add a mission to the game that ties into the story of the SNES/Genesis Shadowrun and will be available only to those who contributed through Kickstarters. They've also got some "twisted ideas" for the $2 million mark that they'll share if funds start to approach that point.

In Shadowrun Returns, players lead a team of mercenaries on clandestine missions in a cyberpunk/fantasy world. The game will be released on the PC and Mac. It's expected to arrive in January 2013.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.