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SimCity Nissan Leaf Charging Station

Maxis has released a small bit of DLC for their city-building game SimCity. Players will be able to add a Nissan LEAF Charging Station to their city for no additional charge.

The Nissan LEAF Station allows the city's Sims to recharge their electric cars. The station adds happiness to nearby buildings but won't require power, works, or water. Furthermore, it won't produce any pollution or sewage.

The only catch is that the charging station has "NISSAN" written in large red letters in front. In other words, the building's essentially an elaborate advertisement. Still, it's less obnoxious than it could have been.

The Nissan LEAF Charging Station can be downloaded here. You'll have to restart the game in order for the station to appear in the Power menu. This building will will be available for six months.

SimCity launched last month worldwide. The game took a lot of flak due to its always-on DRM. A sponsored in-game building probably won't do anything to combat EA's image as a money-hungry corporation.

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